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  • HQ3H,4H,5H
  • Round Shank cutter bits are  using for Foundation Drilling,they are using for all kinds of rotary Piling Machines and Drill rigs. 
    We also make bits according to your drawing and samples. And make them with shortest time. As a leading manufacturer of foundation drilling tools in China, We offer you products which have been adapted to the Rotary Drilling Rigs piling machines  with high speed, a long service life and short tool Changing times for high volume daily production.

    You will receive te complete product line :Casing tools and holders, round shank bits, Welding bars, quick change bars and holders ,weld on casing bar, stop wedge and screw connections etc. 
    Replacement of Betec No.,B43/3,B1HDk12,B3,B3K,B1HDK12K,B40HDK12,B40HDS,B40/3,B40K17.B40/9,B47KH17,

    B47K19,B47KH22, B47K22/60, B47K25/57, etc.

    Replacment of Kennamatel size;C21HD,C23HD,RL08,RL09,RL10, RL11, C31,C31HD,B40HD,C4,U47HD,DS01,DS02,DS03,DS04,D0s5 etc.  

    Advantages︰ 1.high wear resistance and efficiency and life due to the optimized that facilitates rotation (this results in even wear)
    2.tungsten carbide inserts made of high quality materials
    3.round shank tools are easily replaced or exchanged because of a special groove designed into the tooth
    4.good wear protection of the tooth holders due to wide flanges on the round shank chisels. All exposed surfaces are studded with tungsten carbide inserts.
    5.Round shank tools are suitable for excavation of sand, cobbles, weathered rock and hard rock
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